Jobs at Skylark

We’re looking for full-time engineers with wireless communications experience to join the team developing Skylark’s new communications platforms. Please see the descriptions and application instructions below.

Working at Skylark

Skylark Wireless is a wireless networking hardware startup headquartered in the vibrant heart of Houston, TX specializing in Television White Space (TVWS) systems and wireless beamforming or “Massive-MIMO” technologies for 5G wireless. Originally founded in 2012 by Ph.D. colleagues in order to provide custom software-defined radio equipment for research and development, today we design and manufacture customized radio solutions for addressing the needs of the rural broadband market.

The high cost of fiber and satellite communications, as well as the poor range and capacity of cellular wireless technologies leaves 40 million Americans and over half of the world without high-speed broadband communications. We believe that high-speed internet access is a great equalizer, providing citizens with vital education, access to commercial opportunities, and entertainment in an increasingly global world.

Skylark’s proprietary Faros™ base station is able to provide high-speed multi-user data links over tens of miles wirelessly using Massive-MIMO technologies first developed and demonstrated at Rice University. Skylark is funded through a mix of sales, consulting, and a new NSF SBIR Phase II development grant. With your help, we will be piloting our technology with our strategic partners in order to start serving end users in the next few years.

We maintain an open, relaxing 1,120 sq. ft. office within Houston’s inner loop with access to parking and a wealth of dining choices nearby. Houston is the 4th largest city in the US, yet maintains an exceptionally low cost of living, a diverse and friendly culture, and plenty of night life and dining options from all corners of the world. There’s a reason Houston is consistently listed as one of the best U.S. cities to live in—you’ll see it when you join us. Home of the Johnson Space Center and the Astrodome, we don’t shy from large projects or big ideas and we’re certain you can find your place here.

Please click on the below job descriptions for more details and instructions regarding how to apply.


Full Time at Skylark

At this time, we are not soliciting open applications for full-time positions.


Internships at Skylark

We’re always looking for exceptional interns. You must have excellent object-oriented coding skills or direct experience working with C/C++ and Python in order to be successful. Skylark interns work on all layers of the network stack, from RF simulation and physical layout to system integration, protocol development and performance testing of next-generation wireless systems. You will work alongside world-class engineers and receive immersive hands-on experience with production embedded systems.

If you’re a self-motivated learner and want to work in a fast-paced, high-tech team environment, please submit your resume, cover letter stating why you want the position, and desired starting and ending dates to with the words “Internship Application” in the subject field. We’ll try to respond within 48 hours.