Television White Space (TVWS) Networks retrofit unused broadcast television frequencies with high-speed bi-directional data capability at a fraction of the cost of LTE or WiMAX technologies and with significantly improved coverage compared to other unlicensed technologies like Wi-Fi. Alternatives like satellite broadband and asynchronous DSL have low bandwidth and high latency. We need a solution for the modern Internet: voice over IP, remote medicine, education, and social applications require next-generation performance.

With a coverage area more than 15x the best WiFi technologies, and hundreds of MHz of UHF radio spectrum available in many locations, TVWS solutions can bring broadband connectivity to businesses, communities, and countries looking to bridge their last-mile gap.

Voice and data over IP requires low-latency.

Low Latency. Avoid the delay and cost of going through a satellite, and stop sharing your ADSL connection during peak traffic.

Simple, unlicensed installation and maintenance keeps OpEx low

Unlicensed. Don’t waste money on spectrum licenses. Get running in days, not months, keeping capex low.

Next-generation radio systems scavenge radio capacity wherever and whenever it's available

Flexible & Agile. Software-defined radios adapt to changing standards and resources, keeping opex low.

Experimental Wireless & Design Services. Skylark Wireless has been a leader in developing and testing new TVWS technologies and brings its expertise to the rural Wireless ISP (WISP) market. From innovative beamforming MIMO applications to spectrum sensing and real-time wireless protocols, Skylark Wireless provides a suite of open software-defined radio technologies to enable the development of new cognitive radio and TVWS applications. Built on open software and hardware developed in top research universities, the Wideband UHF Radio Card (WURC) from Skylark Wireless provides new analog radio capabilities not previously available in a similarly integrated package.

Skylark Wireless is also pleased to offer its agile Iris Software-Defined Radio (SDR) modules enabling low-cost, flexible RF performance with interchangeable front-end modules or custom designs available in quantity. We’ve done the platform development for you, so you can focus on your unique technology. Inquire how Skylark Wireless can help bring your project to completion on time with custom PCB design, manufacturing, and application implementation.

12-layer RF PCB Design

Custom PCB Design. We have years of experience in multi-layer RF PCB and system design with high-speed signals.

3D CAD drawing for easy integration into enclosure & rapid prototyping.

Fabrication. We’ve successfully brought multiple high-speed RF and digital designs through manufacturing.

Final, verified PCB design.

Board Bring-up & Calibration. Experts in FPGA and SoC design, we can bring that board to life, and document it all.