Solutions for Rural Broadband

Enjoy high-speed multi-user links in difficult terrain. Extended range is no problem with Skylark’s proprietary Massive MIMO beam-forming solutions.

Experimental Wireless Platforms

We are leaders in experimental wireless technologies with decades of experience in cutting-edge wireless system design and implementation. Let us apply our expertise to your next project and get you up and running quickly.

Connect the Next Billion

Over half the world’s population does not have access to high-speed broadband, including over 20 million people in the rural United States. Bridging the digital divide with Skylark’s solutions will transform lives worldwide.

Software-Defined Radio

Multi-standard, multi-frequency radios that allow you to rapidly test new ideas with a simple software update. Researchers worldwide integrate our solutions with their own, familiar platforms.

MIMO Beamforming

State-of-the-art beamforming technologies reduce network interference, increase network speeds, and extend range beyond traditional radio systems by orders of magnitude. This is the future of wireless.

Radio System Design

Our competencies extend from RF design and PCB manufacturing to real-time network stack implementation. We help you focus on your core technology, while eliminating the risk of building a new hardware platform.