Skylark’s head of software engineering, Josh Blum, gave a talk on Software Defined Radio (SDR) driver development at the GNURadio Conference in San Diego, California. A core developer for many open-source SDR projects like SoapySDR API, Pothos real-time dataflow API, the GNURadio Companion GUI, and GNURadio itself, Josh has been developing high-performance real-time SDR hardware drivers for Skylark’s suite of long-range fixed wireless products.
Josh’s talk at GNURadio Con shows how developers can quickly use open-source software frameworks to abstract the complex hardware systems that use Lime Microsystems’ Field-Programmable RF (FPRF) transceivers and rapidly prototype advanced applications like an inexpensive vector network analyzer or even a standards-compliant LTE eNodeB.
Josh’s presentation can be found here: