Skylark’s compact Faros® 5G Massive-MIMO base station hardware and software was on display at ACM MobiCom 2017 this week as researchers from Rice University demonstrated real-time operation of OpenAirInterface, an open-source software-defined eNodeB network stack for R&D, running on Skylark’s platform.
While today’s 4G LTE technologies utilize up to 8 radio streams to deliver data to mobile phone, Skylark’s proprietary Faros® 5G Massive-MIMO platform scales to hundreds of coherent, frequency-agile radios in order to provide speeds and distances orders of magnitude better. With a unique scaling hardware architecture able to to integrate with industry-standard and open-source frameworks like OpenAirInterface or SoapySDR, we’re excited to unveil Faros® publicly for the first time and show how both researchers and industry partners can leverage our system to deploy advanced next-generation wireless networks.
The demonstration abstract can be found here, while more information regarding nearly a decade of advanced systems research for Massive-MIMO and frequency-agile radios upon which Faros is based can be found here and here.
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