In collaboration with the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) Project Office led by US Ignite, Inc., Northeastern University, and a large industry consortium, we’re excited to announce that the joint POWDER-RENEW team from the University of Utah and Rice University will be one of the city-scale PAWR research platforms for developing advanced wireless technologies.
At the heart of the POWDER-RENEW team’s fully programmable 5G wireless research platform will be Skylark’s new agile, modular software-defined radio systems, developed specifically to support scalable next-generation wireless systems. Skylark’s team is dedicated to delivering new technologies and platforms to market that will make high-speed wireless communications universal. The PAWR team is a perfect partner to help develop and test these critical next-generation systems.
Wireless links will form the backbone of our future infrastructure, ranging from mobile phones, self-driving cars, sensor networks, delivery drones, smart agriculture, and augmented reality. While today’s cellular infrastructure supports hundreds of mobile phones, tablets, and small cells off a single tower, the future city will need to support thousands of internet-connected devices with data speeds much faster than before.
Based on the groundbreaking Argos research project from Rice University, Skylark’s newest generation of software-defined radio systems and modules are designed from the ground-up to support full-diversity Massive MIMO, providing orders-of-magnitude increased range, reliability, and speed required to support future demands on our wireless networks. Skylark has also developed proprietary algorithms and systems designed to extend the benefits of Massive MIMO to suburban and rural areas that will also need high-speed wireless infrastructure to compete in the global marketplace.
The team at Skylark Wireless is excited to support such a visionary project and are looking forward to leading the charge to develop and deploy ubiquitous 5G wireless systems on a national scale.

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