Today, Skylark launched its partnership with Evolve Cellular, an innovative Mobile Network Operator (MNO), with the establishment of the Evolve Innovation Zone.

The Evolve Innovation Zone is located in southeast Texas and is comprised of 13 counties covering 11,465 square miles, or nearly all the land between Houston, Austin, and San Antonio (larger than the state of Massachusetts). The Innovation Zone allows partners and clients to test and commercially deploy new and innovative technologies based on Skylark’s Faros Massive MIMO platform.

Faros is an agile software-defined 5G Massive MIMO system designed and manufactured by Skylark in Houston, TX to bridge the rural broadband gap and bring innovation to the wireless OEM and private LTE market. With its roots in the ground-breaking Argos project from Rice University, Faros systems have been deployed in trials around the US using various underutilized cellular and unlicensed bands.

With the establishment of the Evolve Innovation Zone, Skylark takes the next step in commercializing its Faros platform by combining the 5G wireless expertise of its Houston-based team with the operational expertise and carrier-grade operations of Evolve’s team in a large-scale commercial pilot.

If you’re a carrier interested in trialing your application in the Innovation Zone, an internet service provider and you’d like to see how Faros can solve your rural connectivity problems, or you’re just a customer living in one of our service areas just waiting for broadband service, please contact us.