Software-Defined Radios. Next-generation wireless systems must be agile and flexible, adapting to local regulations, varying radio spectrum around the world, and rapidly-evolving radio standards. Skylark’s systems implement an agile Software-Defined Radio (SDR) architecture, which means that changing the channel or changing cellular standards is as simple as updating your software.
Our field-programmable hardware operates on any cellular band around the world and our proprietary system innovations work across them all. With distributed processing power and high-speed integrated data backplane, Skylark’s unique modular SDR architecture is ready to implement just about any wireless innovation in the upcoming race to define 5G.
12-layer RF PCB Design
Software-Defined. Software development cycles to change and implement advanced wireless protocols.
2x2 Agile IRIS SDR installed on a research drone.
Small and Integrated. Skylark SDR systems are lightweight and integrated to install on your custom platform.
Integrated 200-radio massive MIMO base station.
Modular & Scalable. From 2 to 2000+, Skylark’s modular radio design enables radical new system designs.
Massive MIMO (Multiple-In, Multiple-Out) Beamforming uses arrays of up to hundreds of synchronized radios at the base station to digitally beamform to users in real-time. By increasing the signal strength to target users while also decreasing interference to other users, Massive MIMO beamforming allows next-generation 5G wireless systems to communicate with multiple users on the same channel and at the same time. Massive MIMO gives you more reliable wireless communications with much higher speeds at significantly longer range: forget everything you thought you knew about wireless systems.
As early pioneers in Massive MIMO systems, Skylark’s patent-pending algorithms and systems are designed to remove wireless system bottlenecks and increase the speed of next-generation wireless systems without limit. We have distilled our combined decades of design, implementation, and testing of Massive MIMO systems and protocols into innovative radio products for research and commercial applications.
Rice University's ArgosV2 guided Skylark's technology development.
Multi-user beamforming sends data to each user on the SAME channel.
Multi-user beamforming. Unprecedented spectral efficiency uses scarce radio resources optimally.
Being "Massive" doesn't mean you have to be big: our 160-radio system is the small white box.
Deployment-ready. Skylark systems are integrated and ready to move from the lab into use.
Deployed Faros base station sector.
Integrated Mechanicals. Systems design from the ground-up to support large-scale Massive MIMO.
Television White Space (TVWS) Networks retrofit unused broadcast television frequencies with high-speed bi-directional data capability at a fraction of the cost of LTE or WiMAX technologies and with significantly improved coverage compared to other unlicensed technologies like Wi-Fi. Alternatives like satellite broadband and asynchronous DSL have low bandwidth and high latency. We need a solution for the modern Internet: voice over IP, remote medicine, education, and social applications require next-generation performance.
With a coverage area more than 15x the best WiFi technologies, and hundreds of MHz of UHF radio spectrum available in many locations, TVWS solutions can bring broadband connectivity to businesses, communities, and countries looking to bridge their last-mile gap.
Voice and data over IP requires low-latency.
Low Latency. Avoid the delay and cost of going through a satellite, and stop sharing your ADSL connection during peak traffic.
Simple, unlicensed installation and maintenance keeps OpEx low
Unlicensed. Don’t waste money on spectrum licenses. Get running in days, not months, keeping capex low.
Next-generation radio systems scavenge radio capacity wherever and whenever it's available
Flexible & Agile. Software-defined radios adapt to changing standards and resources, keeping opex low.