WARPv3 Adaptor Board (WAB-1×4)

IO & Clocking Interface for WARPv3 SDR Kits

The WARP-to-WURC 1:1 Adaptor Board (WAB 1:1) provides adaptation between the daughtercard expansion slot on the Mango Communications WARPv3 software-defined radio development kit and the HSMC connector on the Vuum Wireless WURC, allowing the user to attach a single WURC analog front-end to a WARPv3 board and share clocking, power, and digital IO control lines.
Open-source reference designs have been implemented with the Vuum Wireless WAB 1:1 and WURC to provide real-time Automatic Gain Control (AGC), digital baseband IO and calibration, and digital interpolation/decimation filters for increased signal integrity and spectral mask compliance. A complete real-time Layer-2 SISO implementation of 802.11-2012 has been implemented as well as a rapid physical-layer prototyping framework based on the open-source Rice WARP SDR project.

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